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We have compiled helpful resources and information that may further your understanding of the importance of the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict. We also maintain a blog with relevant news from around the world.

Policy, Laws, Treaties »

Don't miss our timeline of policy, laws, and treaties dealing with cultural heritage protection during armed conflict, which begins with ancient authors who argued that military victory did not confer the right to plunder. More recently, the 1954 Hague Convention, which established the Blue Shield, has been widely adopted by most nations.

Bibliography »

The bibliography provides a list of books, articles, reports and films on cultural heritage protection published during the last 20 years. Additions will be made to the bibliography on a regular basis or whenever there is a particularly significant new publication.

News Archives »

USCBS has maintained a blog to update the public on the latest threats to cultural heritage from armed conflict and natural disasters. Also included in the blog are notices of proposed changes to legislation affecting the protection of cultural property in the U.S. and abroad.